Download MERLIN-Expo

Click on the button below to automatically download the installation file intended for your operating system (Supported platforms: 64-bit Windows/Linux/macOS).

Important note on installation:

MERLIN-Expo software requires online activation using a free license file which is automatically downloaded when the user launch the tool the first time. 

However, your network settings or firewall may block the connection between MERLIN-Expo and license server. 

To solve the activation problem, you can try one of these: 

  1. Recommended: If you are installing MERLIN-Expo on a computer that is connected to a protected network (e.g.: at your institution), you can ask your IT support to contact us for information on how to configure your firewall. This option will also allow you to obtain the software updates in the future.
  2. Off-line activation: You can use the off-line activation option in the Activation dialog. With this option, the support team will receive a request with your Computer ID that we need to generate a license file that we will send you by email.
  3. Workaround: Try to complete the installation connected to another network, for example at home.